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The Foundation came into being on 13th January 1993 as a Trust of Kasun P. Chandraratne, the Founder and current President of the Foundation which is presently incorporated by an Act of Parliament Act No 4 of 2009. As the maiden activity, the Foundation recognized, in the year 1993, the ferryman of Ukwatta in Kalutara who died in his attempt to save 6 passengers when his ferry capsized in the middle of the river.

The Foundation for Civilian Bravery is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding Civilians who save lives of others, risking own life; & promote safety. Such acts of saving another is described as Civilian Bravery. Often, these heroes without any obligation undertake risk to their own lives to save another. Appreciation of these heroic deeds should be a paramount duty of any civilized society especially in the context of the present day social environment. In Sri Lanka there was no such organization to fulfil this task until the Foundation assumed duties to fill the void.

Sri Lankan Identity

In the latter part of the 10th century, Great King Vijayabahu recognised Budal Na - Dandanayaka of Ruhuna- for saving his life. The Foundation named its highest bravery medal in recognition of Lord Budal to remind Sri Lankans of their past glory.

Declared by Sir Arthur C Clark the foundation also named the "Kalamala" (Derris Parviflor) flower indigenous to Sri Lanka as the symbol of civilian bravery, thus making lifesaving, the most civilised act, deeply rooted in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Kasun P Chandraratne - President FCB


  • To foster and promote respect for the right to life;
  • To recognize and reward nationally and internationally the voluntary act of any civilian to save life at the risk of his or her own life;
  • To promote safety measures for the protection of life;
  • To advance education and knowledge of, and training for, the various forms of dangers or misfortunes to life and the avoidance of them;
  • To create awareness of safety methods and techniques in confronting the various dangers to life;
  • To promote activities in the spheres of “Right to Life” and “Civilian Bravery”
  • To apply and promote measures against cruelty to human and non-human life;
  • To be the catalyst to establish an international organization to pioneer the concepts of “Civilian Bravery” and “Right to Life” on a worldwide basis


National Civilian Bravery Awards: Those eligible for recognition are citizens of Sri Lanka who courageously without concern for danger to life or limb, volunteer to save others whose lives are imperiled by tide, fire, mine, and rough seas and similar dangers occasioned by natural or manmade disasters. The awards consist of the Budal Na Gold Award and Silver Medals for Civilian Bravery.

Civilian Bravery Philanthropy Award: Eligible are those who have built a hospital or school primarily of their personal funds.

Civilian Bravery Fauna/Flora Award: Eligibility is for those who have exhibited initiative and dedication to protect and save fauna and/or flora.

Civilian Bravery Nur (Life) Award: The award is given to recognize the donor’s substantial contribution for the promotion of Civilian Bravery by way of (1) personal dedication, (2) media exposure, or (3) media research and exposure to discover risks to life.

Civilian Bravery White Swan Medal: Students Civilian Bravery Social Activity Award.

Office Bearers

Chief Patron:

Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya
- Parliament of Sri Lanka


Former Minister, Hon. P. Dayaratne


Mr. Kasun P. Chandraratne

Vice President:

Mr. Chandana Ranweerachchi SLAS
- SAS Ministry of Disaster Management

Executive Council:

Mr. R P R Rajapaksha, SLAS (Special Grade)
- Additional Secretary

Major General Sathyappriya Liyange WWV RWP ndc psc
- Sri Lanka Army

Air Vice Marshal C. Welikala
- Sri Lanka Air Force

Deputy Inspector General Ajit Rohana
- Sri Lanka Police

Capt. Prasanna Mahawithana
- Sri Lanka Navy

Wing Commander Malinga Silva
- Sri Lanka Air Force

Col Ravi Jayasinghe
- Sri Lanka Army

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